One of the most important aspects of our lives is in the vital relationships we build, service and enjoy.

The first man, Adam, needed a Godly community. Whenever God finishes anything he creates, the following statement was made “And the Lord God said it was good”. The first time ever in the Bible God says the words “it is not good”, was when he had finished creating Adam and given him his job and provided literally everything. And he said that in respect to Godly, human relationships. That was when God formed Eve from his rib.

David James


Heyllo is a grammatical coinage that represents two of many ways of starting a conversation or simply calling for someone’s attention.

It is a combination of (you guessed right) Hey and Hello.

Hey: is used to attract attention as a friendly greeting. (Well that depends on the tone though)

While Hello: is also a greeting used to start a conversation either physically or via telephone.

In Heyllo I intend to reveal the why and how of making friends and the societal implications alongside.

I trust that this resource will be of great value to you. Enjoy the read.

In HEYLLO you'll Learn how to

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Hi I’m David.

I like to call myself a designer, but in the real sense I just love solving problems for people around me with technological/digital skills.

I write when I feel the need to and see a pressing issue in society that needs to my voice in some sort.

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